Upcoming Events


Schedule of Events for 2018:

May 17, 24, 31: Pool-to-Ocean Skills, Boyle Heights YMCA, 4-5pm

June 1: Nick Gabaldon Day at Tower 20 in Santa Monica 8-2pm 

Surf Bus and Black Surfers Collective: Pan African Surf Days

To sign up, follow Black Surfers Collective on Facebook search events

July 14, Tower 29 in Santa Monica

August 11, Tower 29 in Santa Monica

September 8, Tower 29 in Santa Monica

October 13, Tower 29 in Santa Monica

Summer Surf Bus: Making Los Angeles the best place to PLAY!

Children from all over Los Angeles and Santa Monica will stoke out on our Ocean Literacy, safety lessons, boogie and surf lessons.

Schedule 1:  Monday and Wednesday

July 1 and 3: AVAILABLE

July 8 and 10: Denker Recreation

July 15 and 17: AVAILABLE

July 22 and 24: Hazard Park

July 29 and 31: Green Meadows

Aug 5 and 7: Hoover Park

Schedule 2: Tuesday and Thursday

June 25 and 27: Cypress Park

**July 2 and 5 (days are diff. B/c 4th if July): Highland Park

July 9 and 11: Valley Plaza 

July 16 and 18: Trinity Park and Recreation

July 23 and 25: Lincoln Heights and Carlin George

July 30 and Aug 1: Hollenbeck

Aug 6 and 8: Evergreen Park and Rec

About events:

Ocean literacy/socialization programs include welcome games, an ocean safety talk, wave readiness games, environmental education including experiential lessons on the Ocean Literacy Principles and, of course, surfing! Surfing is a sport that is 100% dependent on nature. We strive to get the kids "stoked" in and out of the water.


If you are interested in participating in our events, creating an event, or have any questions, please email us at info@surfbusfoundation.org


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