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Sebastian Clark



Sebastian Clark is a singer-songwriter and theatre artist on the west coast of the United States. He has self-released a handful of albums and EPs which have resulted in positive press and reviews, radio play, a broadcast television news piece, national and international tours, and even a television commercial spot in the UK- funnily enough for home insurance using a song that was written and recorded while living in a van.

“I find inspiration for my art in real life and love, good and bad. I value authenticity, and I believe my music reflects this, along with an occasional touch of whimsy. Whatever my music manages to achieve, even the songs couched in the negative, it’s my sincere hope and intention that it be a net positive.”

Sebastian Clark is a recent graduate from UC San Diego with a B.A in Music and Theatre. “Music saved my life. I found out I had a knack for crafting tunes, and I figured it’d be a good thing to pursue in order to give back and forward.”

“It’s my commitment to tie income from certain songs to related causes. So, a song like ‘connect’ benefits Surf Bus because to me Surf Bus means connection, or a song like ‘Daddy’s Beating Me Up’ benefits childhood trauma and childcare services, ‘Seattle in Blue’ benefits nonprofits I like in the city of Seattle, etc.”

Albums by Sebastian Clark

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