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Honorary Board of Directors

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Marion Clark

Current President and Treasurer.  Co-owner of Surf Academy with bestie, Jamie Mar-shell-us.  Marion is a cheeky mermaid surfer.  


Jamie Marcellus

Current Vice President and Secretary.  Jamie is co-owner of Surf Academy with partner-in-crime Marion "Dominator" Clark.  Jamie likes hunting for shells almost as much as turning kids' lives around through surfing.


Matthew Clark

Matthew Clark is a corporate lawyer and consultant going on 40 years; specializing in legal contracts, strongly worded letters, and 'board' meetings (the water kind).  


Michael Josephs

Board Member 

Mike Josephs is an engineer for Northrup Grumman going on 30 years.  When he isn't making the rounds as de-facto mayor of his favorite pilates and yoga studios, he's...doing things we can't talk about here because of security clearance.


Russ Lesser

Board Member

Russ Lesser is current President of Body Glove, International.  When he isn't ruling the world with Mermaid Linden and Team Body Glove, he's ruling our cd players with his musical stylings as part of the band, Thin Ice. 


Mary Setterholm

Board Member 

Mary Setterholm founded LA Surf Bus in 2003.  She won the US Open of surfing in 1973 and co-founded the Womens Internatinal Surfing Association (WISA) in 1975.  She earned a Masters of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School in 2013 and currently resides in Boston, MA.

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