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How to Participate

Youth Programs

The Surf Bus Foundation partners with established youth groups and programs such as the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, Coalition for Engaged Youth (C-Youth), Black Surfers Collective, and non-profits who want to establish a surf experience for their youth (check out Stoked Mentoring and New Earth). Surf Bus Foundation’s staff ratio is 1:10 or less, with an ultimate ratio of 1:5 when combined with group’s visiting supervisors. A variety of activities are planned around the surf conditions of the day, fostering a heightened awareness of our relationship to our ocean, beaches, environment, and selves.

The community groups we partner with are in charge of selecting and coordinating participants: we do not personally admit participants.


Contact your Recreation and Park Director or community center to coordinate a partnership with us.

Some Activities Include

  • Learn about rip currents and tides

  • Learn about the waves and how to catch the ultimate ride

  • Learn to Body Surf, Boogie Board, and Surf

  • Learn about our affects on Environment and Pollution

  • Daily Beach Clean-ups

  • Learn about local animals and sea creatures

  • Building sand castles and other beach arts and crafts

  • Exhausting beach and ocean games and exercises

  • Team Building Games between peers, staff, and lifeguards

  • Learn the Ocean Literacy Principles and their practical (fun!) application

  • Learn to SURF!


Based off the program of Surf Academy Collective, a premier Surf Camp and our parent sponsor, students learn not only to maneuver the great tides and waves of the ocean, but of life. The groups have committed to joining us two days a week for 10 weeks over the summer, and are transported to and from a set location and time by a chartered SURF BUS!


CLICK HERE to see more of us in action!


None of this can happen without funding. It costs Surf Bus approximately $2,500 to bring 50 children to the beach each day. The demand for expansion of our program has prompted us to set a fundraising goal of $200,000, double our current budget. The success of our program could not have been possible without the generous contributions made by individuals and corporate sponsors like you. Please accept this invitation to be a dreams-keeper by helping to spark the dreams and imaginations of at-risk youth--gift them a real opportunity at having a salty and bright future!


Become A Mentor

Become a mentor and make a difference!

We CANNOT do this without you!


We need people hands on in the water, people to help set up our events (muscles! carrying tents, boards, and other equipment), help with office work, and grant writing.


Do you have a skill you think we could use? Please let us know! Email: 


  • March 23, 2024: 10 AM - 12 PM PST

    • Address: 2400 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica CA 90405​ / Santa Monica Beach Lifeguard Tower 24

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