Mermaid Moxie

By Jamie Marcellus

"My favorite part about making jewelry is turning a raw material made by earth, like gemstones and silver, or pearls and shells made by a living creature, into something pretty you can wear everyday."


Jamie has been working with her hands since she was a kid, adopting a DIY attitude from her very crafty and artistically talented mother. She found herself curious and passionate about jewelry making. She began by selling beaded and wire wrapped jewelry to friends and acquaintances as a hobby, always striving to perfect her existing skills and learn new techniques. She eventually expanded her skills to include soldering, opening the door to numerous possibilities like creating rings, bezels, her own jewelry components. It was at this time that Jamie decided to step up her jewelry selling game with the hopes of it growing from a hobby into a sustainable business.

Jamie had first been exposed to resin as a surfer, using it to fix surfboard dings on a minimal basis. It wasn’t until years later that she began using resin to create art. Being a co-owner of Surf Academy, surfing remained an important part of her life. She began supplying her resin art as trophies for kid’s surf contests. She added some of her leftovers and experimental artwork to her markets and it has continued to grow from there. 


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