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Thank you to all our amazing supporters

Mahalo Spirit ($12,000+)

  • Surf Academy Collective

  • Marcus D. Moraes

  • Kelly Slater Foundation

  • Surf Boards from Global Surf Industries

  • Rashguards and Wetsuits from Quiksilver 

  • LA2050 2016 Winner


Kahuna ($6000+)

  • Trinity Lutheran Church, Manhattan Beach (2009)


Surfer ($3000+)

  • Just Bones board shorts (in-kind donation)

  • Bob and Joyce Daniels

  • Erika Schimik and Bug Assault

  • BettyBelts of Ventura 

  • Stussy

  • Nabil Elderkin and Kids of Immigrants in collaboration with Gully Movie

Wave ($1500+)

  • Teresa Clark of Rose Disability Law 

  • Heal the Bay

  • Black Surfers Collective

  • Roxy 

  • Rotary Club of Santa Monica & San Pedro

  • Hurley (in-kind donation)

  • STAB Magazine (in-kind donation)


Aloha ($100+)​

  • The Fehmers Family

  • The Carlson Family

  • The Gallagher Family

  • Dr. Jay Gordon

  • Susan Horton

  • Countless Surf Academy families who believe so strongly that the ocean is truly a playground for all!


Special Thanks:

Community Collaboration

  • Thank You Marion Clark for your passion and leadership on and off the beach.

  • William Sawin, Rosemary Hernandez and Russ Lesser for countless hours spent in the board room!

  • Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe, whose help in 2003 with 2 buses a week helped launch LA Surf Bus into reality. Now we need 5 buses a week

  • Black Surfer's Collective and their leaders, Greg and Marie Rachal and Jeff Williams

  • Heal the Bay for all the shore-line inspiration, and especially Meredith McCarthy for her tireless efforts on behalf of community and the sea.

  • City of Santa Monica, and especially Beach Recreation Supervisor Heath Hamilton.

  • Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors, especially Marketing Supervisor Lynn Atkinson, Lifeguard Chiefs Garth Canning, Mickey Gallagher, and Phil Topar.

  • City of Huntington Beach, especially Lifeguard Chief Kyle Lindo and Community Service Supervisor Dottie Hughes.

  • City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks, especially Superintendent Anita Meacham and countless recreation center directors.

  • City of Los Angeles Council members Tom LaBonge, Bernard Parks, Gil Garcetti, and Jan Perry.

  • Kelly Hendrickson of Trinity Lutheran Church


Corporate Support

  • Body Glove Wetsuits, especially President Russ Lesser and Marketing Director Scott Daley.

  • Bob and Ryan Hurley and Pat Towersy, for their continued community support and clothing for the groms

  • Patagonia for all the summer wetsuits

  • BettyBelts for all the seaster swag

  • Just Bones boardshorts

  • Roxy 

  • Eco-Set and Target for bathing suits

  • Pat Towersy and Western Hydrodynamic Research 


Individual Thanks

  • Postal Carrier Jim of Hermosa Beach- First Donation in 2003!

  • Jim Riley of Huntington Beach (2006)

  • Lifeguard Captain Steve Mosely (2005)

  • Keith Davenport (2006)

  • Carol Mayer (2006)

  • Quagletti Family Trust (2003)

  • Anonymous Donor through US Trust (2006)

  • Surfers everywhere who have dropped off good condition used wetsuits and surfboards

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