Currently we are looking for volunteers for our 2019 summer season starting June 24-Aug 9th. View our ad of Craigslist HERE

1. Can-do and stoked attitude, 
2. enjoy working with/leading children, 
3. have a minimum 1 years of daily ocean experience (body surfing, bodyboarding, ocean swimming, surfing, etc.), 
4. Must have current CPR and First Aid certifications, 
5. be in good physical condition (part of the interview is passing a physical test that includes an ocean swim, soft sand run, ocean paddle, and a surf session), 
6. Middle and high school students are eligible to volunteer (grown up kids, too :-D),
7. Reliable transportation to the beach,
8. Need to keep commitments--the kids need our guidance!


There are lots of ways to volunteer your amazingly valuable time and energy!

Please contact us if you'd like to put your valuable skills to work for us!


On The Beach

  • Teach surfing with us at the beach (must be CPR certified)

  • Hold gromlets (itty-bitty kiddies) hands and jump over waves

  • Have boogie board races with kids *almost* ready to surf

  • Be a "board catch-n-return" on the beach when students lose their boards

  • Load and unload equipment on the beach

  • Wash rashguards and rinse wetsuits

  • Take photos and video


In The Office

  • Enroll LA Park and Recreation Departments/Boys & Girls Clubs/Catholic Charities/after-school Outreach

  • File waivers

  • Categorize and tally research

  • Write Grants and proposals

  • Call district leaders for transportation support





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