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By Maddie Miller

KaimanaHawaii designs are inspired by feminine strength and power. Everything Maddie creates derives from strength in some way. The designs are visually timeless, and created to withstand just about anything.

pearl babies.jpg
Different aloha.jpg
palm trees.jpg
flower crown.jpg

Maddie created this brand with the hope to give women the same confidence and strength it gave her. She became a single mother early in her sons life, finding herself overwhelmed, and without time to do many of the things which had long been a source of joy and comfort. When her mom sent her money to buy painting supplies, she instead bought a torch and the bare minimum bangle making tools. When she made her first bangle she felt the weight of everything subside tremendously. “I would be busting my ass working, exhausted, wanting to cry every second of the day, but I would look and my bangle and think - wow, what a strong little shell that went through so much shorebreak and it’s still so strong and pretty. I want to be like that shell.”

siiiick more flowers.jpg
whale tale.jpg
collar bones.jpg
shark neck.jpg

Kaimana values sustainability, using the most basic and least amount of packaging possible, only using shark teeth that were found, and sunrise shells purchased from divers that found the shells without animals inside. Kaimana is a small operation that reuses everything possible, down to every small scrap of metal.

another pic wiht blue.jpg
vibey cuff.jpg
bright hands.jpg

I have a special connection with the Surf Bus Foundation because it gives individuals the most valuable gift/resource that I’ve had in my life - a connection to nature and a safe relationship with someone you can look up to. To be able to find your own strength and safety within yourself through understanding and your relationship to the ocean via the Surf Bus Family.

in a dishh.jpg
wire shell.png
neck bullhorn.jpg

Click below to check out her website:

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