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Surf Bus needs a new BUS!

We are in need of a CARGO VAN aka SURF BUS to haul our gear (surf boards, boogie boards, wetsuits,

etc.) to the beach! Our VW Van that was gifted to us several years ago has retired itself... We keep getting it fixed and it refuses to stay in working order. We have so many great days of surfing and ocean based outreach for the community lined up and need a reliable source of transportation to get all of our equipment to the beach. The Surf Bus Foundation is run entirely on volunteers and could really use your help.

We would use these funds immediately for the purchase of a reliable surf gear-hauling vehicle that would allow us to give many more people an awesome ocean experience. Tax deductible monetary donations are great any time of the year and go towards providing hired transportation to get kids to the beach, restocking and maintaining equipment, fuel, insurance expenses, etc. Donations can be made through pay pal on our donation page (with no fees) or through our gofundme campaign. Mucho Aloha & Mahalo! Marion & Jamie

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